Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find more details about your work?   

A: We can get together for a free no obligation consultation. During the consultation we can review more of my work, I can show you sample albums and we can discuss pricing. My goal is to give you all the information you need to make a decision you are comfortable with. I also want to make sure our personalities 'match'; after all - we are going to interact a lot during the most important day of your life. 

Q: How can you be so affordable? What is the catch?
A: I believe that everybody deserves great photography, so I do my best to make my services affordable to everybody who truly values my work. I do so by keeping my advertising and other recurring costs low. I rely on word of mouth and recommendations for finding new clients. So - there is no catch. If you are easy going, nice people and you like my work, I want to talk to you, no matter what your budget is. 
Q: What camera equipment do you use?
A: I use state of the art Nikon and Fujifilm digital cameras for my weddings. I only pair them with professional grade lenses. I use Nikon portable flashes and studio grade monolights. I also use a wide array of light modifiers - from light gels to beauty dishes to reflectors and diffusers. I always have redundant cameras and lighting equipment on hand. 

Q: How many photographs do you usually take at a wedding?

A: The number depends on the event's duration and other factors. Typically - I take in excess of 2000 images; however, a lot of these will get culled during the editing process. I typically deliver between 400 to 800 images as the final product. 

Q: How many photos do we receive with your packages? 

 A: I do not limit the quantity of photos delivered. I typically deliver between 400 to 800 edited, high resolution, optimum quality images as the final product. I try to give you enough photos to tell the story of the day, yet not so many to overwhelm you. The images will be delivered on DVDs.

Q: Do you always work with an assistant?

A: Yes. Church or hotel lighting is not always flattering or exciting, that's why I supplement available light with professional flashes and studio lights as often as possible. In order to quickly set up and tear down lighting setups, I employ a long time assistant familiar with my workflow. She is also great with getting little ones to smile to the camera :)

Q: Can you deliver black and white photos?  

A: Yes. All of the photos are shot in digital negative (RAW) format; therefore each image can be easily turned into black and white (or sepia, or other effects) without loss of quality. 

Q: How soon after the wedding can I expect to have my images delivered?

A: I strive to deliver the images very fast (considering the amount of work). You will typically have the final edited images two to three weeks after the wedding date, but no later than four weeks afterwards. 

Q: Do you scout the locations / venues ahead of time?

A: I always tour the venues (either by myself or with the bride / groom if possible) to locate the best places for photography and to make a 'game plan' for the transitions and light placement. I also get in touch with the venues' responsible parties to inquire about specific rules or restrictions on photography. 

Q: How many weddings do you shoot every year?

A: I am a believer in attention to detail and giving every one of my couples the same amount of attention and dedication. For that reason, I keep a tight rein on the number of weddings I do every year. I end up doing no more than 12 to 20 weddings in a given year. 

Q: We are already engaged. Why would we need an engagement session?

A: A lot of folks like to have some nice professional shots done to have for invitations / save the date cards, or for framed images to display during the wedding. An engagement session is also a great way to get to know each other. You will also learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera. Engagement sessions are a lot more relaxed than the weddings; you will have the chance to look at the images as I take them and tell me what works for you.  

Q: What is a bridal session? 

A: A bridal session is a portrait session where we wear your wedding attire, but done on a different day and at a different location than the wedding itself. These types of sessions take place before the wedding and help you getting comfortable in the formal attire, and you get to see how everything (clothes, hair and make up) come together. It is also a way for you to extend your photographic opportunities - e.g. by choosing a location that it not feasible during the wedding.   

Q: What is a 'trash the dress' session?

A: A 'trash the dress' session is a portrait session taking place after the wedding. As the name suggests, the people choosing to do this find a creating way to make their formalwear unfit for future use. For example, they will jump in the water or by roll around in hay with it. Why do it? Because it's fun and it makes for some really exciting photography. Plus - when are you planning on using your wedding gown again? 

Q: Can I print my own images?

A: Yes. You get print rights to all the images - at the highest resolution available. You are also welcome to make your own albums and share the images online with your friends. 

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No. All the costs are discussed upfront. 

Q: We signed the contract. What’s next? A: The next steps are meeting to finalize the details of the wedding day. If we can match our schedules, I also prefer to tour the venues with the bride and groom. If an engagement session was included, a time and place for the engagement session will be determined. 

Q: Do you do destination weddings?

A: Yes. Please contact me for details. 

Q: Do I have to pay tax on your services?

A: It depends. If you are a Virginia resident, a 5% sales tax will be collected on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you reside in another state, you may have to pay sales or usage taxes as well. Please check with your state's tax agency. 

Q: Can we order albums and prints later? 

A: Yes. Your pictures are going to be available online for print ordering for at least one year after the wedding date. I can also meet to discuss albums and other services.

Q: What is the turnaround time on albums?

Albums are typically delivered no later than four weeks from the date of the order. 


I am sure you have a lot more questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me.