Nick "Ciprian" Pastinica is a DC-area based wedding and event photographer. Ciprian has had a life long passion for photographing people. Originally from Eastern Europe, Ciprian has thrived in the multi-cultural DC environment.
A Craftsman's Approach
Your special event cannot be repeated, so everything must go right. That is why preparation and planning is paramount - from agreeing upon a 'must have' shot list, to using redundant equipment, to scouting the wedding location ahead of time, to employing one or more assistants when covering the event.
The photographer's work does not stop with the last dance.The images taken must be culled, corrected and stored. All the proofs (unedited shots) are available to you in a private online gallery for final image selection. After selection, additional processing on the images occurs to further enhance image quality. Ciprian routinely spends 40 or more hours of work per wedding event, and that is before starting work on the album.
What sets Ciprian apart is his ability to tell the story of the day through images. This starts with constant observation - from the building anticipation during preparation, to the elation and joy of the wedding ceremony, to the overflowing exuberance of the reception. For formal and posed shots, Ciprian is comfortable taking control of the situation to efficiently organize the wedding party, guests and family into sophisticated group portraits.
You can see an example of a full wedding story here (opens up a new window).
"The pictures are beautiful !!! You really captured the spirit of the day. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. We got many comments from guests that you took a ton of pictures....and now to see the fruits of your labor. They are beautiful."
"You have done an outstanding job, really. The pictures are lovely and you truly captured the love and spirit of Tricia and Chris’s wedding."
Ciprian is proud to offer a full range of photography services for events in the Metropolitan DC area, Maryland (including Baltimore) and Northern Virginia. Services include engagement and bridal session coverage, wedding packages, creative portraits and event coverage.
Ciprian is taking a different approach to pricing. Every wedding is different - in terms of complexity and budget. Compensation is usually determined after the first consultation and it represents the best value for the clients based on their needs and budget. Coverage typically begins at around $1000.
Use the Contact tab to request a no obligation consultation during which we can discuss your wedding plans. To better serve you, include details about your event, such as the event date, location, size of your wedding party and an approximate number of guests.




Artistic statement: Mere eye candy is for the unsophisticated. Good imagery has to have more than - it has to be complex and engaging. A good image is one you would want to look at even if you didn't take it or you don't appear in it. Good images have layers - at the minimum, they have to be aesthetically pleasing and have 'something' that stays on after the eye candy aspect wears off.
Personal Statement / How I work
I am a photographer first, who happens to shoot weddings. I have my own sensibility and I work hard to culture it. The biggest insult that you can throw at me is to tell me that my stuff looks like everybody else's. My inspiration is predominantly outside the wedding industry, and I also shoot fine art.
Prepare, prepare, prepare. "How did you get that?" correlates with preparation and hard work.
I am flexible, but not compromising. I am easy to talk and work with.
Last but not least, I will never be satisfied. I shoot a lot, shoot smart, and don't forget to enjoy the process.
Compensation: This is not a job for me, it's a passion. Everybody should be able to afford great photography. However, I want to be compensated fairly and in line with your other service providers. If your entire wedding budget is $5000, then I won't expect you to pay me a lot. If you're pleading for lower fees with me so you can splurge on everything else, I won't feel good about it. Fair is a hard concept to define, but most people know it when they see it.
How I stay in touch
I do not blog and I don't ask people to 'like' me on Facebook. Doing so doesn't increase the quality of my work or my client's enjoyment of it. I don't want to add another cost to me or to the people who hire me. One website to showcase my work is enough.
I do work very closely with my clients. I don't take on a lot of work, specifically to stay responsive and creative.
I don’t think I'm better or worse than my peers; I just hope to be a better fit for you. If, after we had the chance to talk, you do not think so, I'll gladly recommend other people whose work I admire.
To book
Use the Contact tab to request a consultation. Tell me about your needs - size of the wedding, shooting style desired, location and budget.




Ciprian's style takes after his clients. He is as comfortable shooting candid moments as he is setting up traditional (or not so traditional) wedding set shots



If there is a constant in most wedding, it is the fact that things are inevitably going to deviate from plan. Having a "Plan B" and the experience and ability to improvise has saved the day m



Capturing all the details naturally results in a significant number of images. Ciprian then culls the set of images to the strongest visuals and arranges them in a meaningful narrative. Additionally, all the proofs (unedited shots) are available to you in a private online gallery for final image selection.