How We Work

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I use available light whenever suitable. However, most indoor wedding locations are not lit optimally for photography. Similarly, weddings do not get scheduled for times when natural light is such that makes photographs "sing". That's why I use artificial light sources to enhance existing light. What are artificial light sources? It could be anything from my IPad screen, to candles, to reflectors, to small flashes, to studio lights. I work with at least one assistant (also known as VAL's or Voice Activated Lights :), who help me orchestrate the light. 

My preference is to use artificial light to supplement existing light rather than force a completely different look. I use artificial light to create depth, reveal textures or enhance colors. Most of my lit images don't look lit, and that's intentional. Light should not draw attention to itself, but to you

I draw my inspiration from both inside and outside the wedding industry. Check out my Pinterest boards to get an idea of what moves me. 

I try to get it done as much as possible in the camera. It doesn't mean that I shun Photoshop; however, I enjoy my time behind the camera more than the time behind the computer monitor. 

I try to leave each one of my clients with an exceptional and unique collection of images. This means that I sometimes employ props (rose petals, confetti, bubbles, ornate photo frames...). It also means that I'll have a list of set poses or looks that I want to accomplish. They are seldom the same from wedding to wedding. I try to look for interesting angles, unusual poses and mind benders. I sometimes squint to see the essence of things. I'll often shoot against the sun. Or with no sun at all.  

Being a 'fly on the wall' has its place during the wedding day, but there are points where I need to take control, herd cats and battle the windmills. I am a project manager by training. This means that I always manage the clock (always an issue during wedding days), and I am comfortable to making crunch time decisions. I always have a plan B, and I am capable of whipping up a plan C on the fly. I like solving problems. I like being challenged. I like leaving the wedding venue thinking back at all the wonderful moments I witnessed, and being genuinely excited to go play back the images and discover how all those moments turned out in stills. 

Do I have a 'style'? You tell me. I like to mix things up. I can shoot from the other side of the room (or from the second floor of a church), or I can get in the middle of the action. For parts of the wedding, I'll be a photojournalist recording an unfolding of events, but I also like to create mini fashion shoots, with props and lights. I like spontaneous, and I also like choreographed shots. I like getting to know my couples before the wedding, to tailor my wedding day style to them. I constantly reinvent myself through the people I meet. 

I don't shoot a lot of weddings. I like to stay fresh and motivated, and that's not possible when you shoot two or three weddings a weekend. I won't try to sell my services if the personal rapport isn't there. I'm easy going, passionate about what I do, and I like to enjoy my time as a wedding photographer.