Weddings By Ciprian Referral Program



Our philosophy at Weddings By Ciprian is to concentrate on image making, while keeping to a minimum the demands on our time devoted to marketing and other non-photography related items. Referrals are a BIG part of how we work and one of the reasons why our ratio of quality to cost is so favorable. We rely on word of mouth and to encourage our clients and anybody else who enjoys quality photography to participate. To that end, we are offering a $200 reward for each successful wedding referral. 

The terms of our referral program:

  • You don't have to be a former or current client to get a referral. If you like our work, spread the word and get rewarded for it!
  • The referral reward is in the form of a coupon against prints and albums. This can be exchanged or counted toward future session fees and other services.
  • The referral reward can be cumulated with other coupons and incentives. 
  • The referral award is awarded when a contract is signed with the referred party. 


referral program