Why Choose Us?

Artistic vision

I try to use the best light. If it's not there, then I create it. Did you picture exchanging vows being backlit by the waning rays of the evening sun, only to see the forecast cloud your dream? I have the lights to change it back. The reception venue has the same lighting as your basic corporate conference room? We can do something more enticing than that.

I cover the basics, and what's important to you, be it family portraits, unobtrusive coverage of the ceremony or capturing the decisive moment during preparations and reception. But I always try new things. I draw my inspiration from both inside and outside the wedding industry and I adapt what I like to your vision.



I've been shooting weddings since 2008. My main assistant / second photographer has been with me for the past 6 years. We know what we're doing and we won't use your wedding to learn our equipment.



I don't shoot a lot of weddings. I like to stay fresh and motivated, and that's not possible when you shoot two weddings a weekend. I won't try to sell my services if the personal rapport isn't there. I'm easy going, passionate about what I do, and, above all, I like to enjoy my time as a wedding photographer.